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German industry continues to be an important economic factor and a pacesetter for the economy. In many industries, such as the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, mechanical and plant engineering, and the chemical industry with its large industrial plants and areas, professional security solutions are needed to protect buildings, machines, and people from sabotage, destruction, and other threat situations.


The range of materials used to pose an intentional threat is very diverse. We offer you an interesting portfolio for reliable hazard detection.

These include products for:

  • (Partially) autonomous monitoring and remote inspections
  • Sensory analysis
  • Visual inspections
  • Mobile X-Ray
  • Explosives detection

Protect your industrial equipment from hazards

Factories or industrial facilities are usually larger areas and often protected by security fences and entrance controls. Nevertheless, there are always security gaps that could offer suspected saboteurs the opportunity to cause physical damage to buildings or machines. To minimize the risks of a threat scenario, we work with international quality leaders in the field of explosives control and mobile X-ray systems. Our customers use (partially) autonomous inspection robots to inspect extensive terrain from a safe distance.

These walking robots are capable of autonomously walking predefined or remotely controlled routes and transmitting image/video data in real time. Should a suspicious object be detected, our powerful X-ray generators are used in conjunction with the flat panels. High-resolution and informative images ensure in a short time whether there is a possible danger from this object. However, in order to ensure the highest possible level of security as early as the access control stage, our explosives detectors are in demand. Various analytical methods, such as Raman spectroscopy or ITMS technology, enable reliable chemical analyses of powders, liquids, gels, mixtures – even in the smallest quantities.

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