Teledyne FLIR PACKBOT® 525 Remote manipulation vehicle All-terrain remote manipulation vehicle of the latest generation

Product description

Teledyne FLIR PACKBOT® 525 Remote manipulation vehicle

The PackBot® 525 is the latest development of the already field-proven predecessor model and impresses with state-of-the-art HD cameras, improved lighting, optional in-situ charging (charging the batteries while installed) and other upgrades. The addition of a laser rangefinder, improved accessory ports, and more attachment points for additional accessories make this vehicle very capable and allow the user to conduct disarming, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations from a safe distance.

The PackBot® 525 is ready to use in less than 2 minutes, can be carried by one person and its deployment can be quickly realized from any platform. The robot lifts up to 20 kg (close-in) and can be easily stored in the trunk of a car.

Robust and versatile

This PackBot® manipulator is equipped with a robust chassis. It gives it high maneuverability on almost any surface. Stairs and other obstacles are easily overcome thanks to its flipper system.

26.3 kg (without batteries)
approx. 89 cm (chassis, flipper completely extended)
52.1 cm (chassis, with mounted flippers)
17.8 cm (chassis)
Lifting force
approx. 20 kg (before chassis), approx. 5 kg (extended)
up to four BB-2590 batteries
Camera system
Three HD color cameras with LED illumination on head and turret and IR illumination on head and gripper
Protection class
IP 67 (without fiber optic coil unit)
Operating time
up to 4 hrs. with 2 batteries, up to 8 hrs. with 4 batteries
up to 9.3 km/h
Stair climbing turning circle
0 cm, wood: 43°, carpet: 38°, metal: 40° (with 4.54 kg accessories)
Ground clearance
7.62 cm

New Feautures

  • State-of-the-art HD cameras
  • Additional accessory connections
  • 4x camera view
  • Target camera
  • Laser range finder
  • Improved lighting
  • Control via tablet (touch screen / gamepad)

Product benefits

HD cameras and improved lighting provide a clearer image in all environments. The new laser rangefinder displays the distance to the target.

Keep the batteries fully charged and monitor the charge level while the batteries remain in the robot.

Improvements to the digital architecture make integration and placement of sensors and payloads easier than ever.

Possible usage

This PackBot® manipulator is equipped with a robust chassis that gives it high maneuverability on almost any surface. Likewise, it can overcome stairs and other obstacles thanks to its pinball system. Users also appreciate its innovative manipulator system: the head, gripper and shoulder can be comprehensively rotated or tilted. With the intuitive, robust tablet control, the operator can choose from the full range of networked robots. Thanks to the MPU5 radio powered by Wave Relay® MANET, robots can penetrate deeper into complex structures and be more mobile than ever before.

Operating unit

The control unit of the PackBot® 525 is a touchscreen-based tablet controller (uPoint Multi-Robot Controller) with MPU5 radio/data solution. It allows direct access to the vehicle, its data (sensor values, etc.) and maps to locate the GPS position.


It can also switch between multiple robotic systems (FirstLook®, KobraTM and PackBot®) and generate video for evidence collection. The MPU5 allows independent networking with other MPU5 devices that have the same configuration.


Another strength of the UGV is its high modularity. Its platform allows the integration of different accessories, which can be selected and quickly mounted according to the application. The following accessories are currently available:

X-ray system with mounting accessories

  • Flat panel systems (manufacturer: Logos Imaging):
    Mounting on the gripper by means of an X-ray panel holder
  • X-ray generators (manufacturer: Golden Engineering):
    Mounting on the chassis
    Note: The X-ray system is triggered and the X-ray images are transmitted via a separate control unit.

ELP-HAL-ROV (ELP development)
Hook and line sets for increasing the distance between object and PackBot®. Optionally available with self-closing spring hook, alligator clip or heavy-duty hook and rope.

Hazmat sensors with mounting accessories
For detection of warfare agents and toxic gases, multiple gas detection and/or radiation detection

Disruptors with mounting accessories

  • PeraDis (ELP development):
    Electromechanical and recoilless water disruptor
    Mounting on the PackBot® arm
  • RE 70 (manufacturer: Chemring):
    Shooting of solid or fragmenting projectiles as well as liquids, mounting on the arm

Manipulation tools (ELP development)
Disc breaker, mechanical cable cutter, manipulation hook etc.

In situ charging
Charging of the batteries and monitoring of the state of charge in installed condition

Target camera
Enables absolute target point control through prior target calibration

FLIR Tau Thermal Camera
Long wave infrared (LWIR) thermal imaging camera, histogram equalization automatically adjusts image contrast

Active 200 m fiber optic spooler
For safe, interference-free control via fiberoptic cable(optical fiber)

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

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