Applications in the correctional system

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Despite many prevention measures, narcotics abuse is part of everyday life in many correctional facilities. Drugs and illegal narcotics consumed in prison are a key problem. To ensure the safety of inmates and prison workers, there is a great need for reliable analytical methods.

Nothing remains undiscovered here

Inmates and cells in German prisons are inspected by correctional officers at regular intervals. The focus here is not exclusively on the substance analysis of suspicious substances found. The focus is also on detecting concealed weapons, illegal items such as cell phones, and drugs in furniture or even food packaging. Hollowed-out table legs, fish cans or the toilet bowl – with great ingenuity, the occupants are always looking for new unusual hiding places.

However, by means of modern trace detection (ITMS) and the use of mobile X-ray technology, correctional officers repeatedly succeed in tracking them down. This is an important measure to ensure prison security for inmates and employees.

But of course, such detection technologies are not only used in the correctional system. The police, border guards and the military also make use of various systems with different detection technologies. Depending on requirements, application possibilities and budget, reliable analytical instruments are also available for these areas.

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