Faithful replicas for realistic training

Realistic Training Saves Lives

Defusing dangerous explosives and explosive ordnance requires a high level of expertise and precision. To ensure that firefighters are optimally prepared for their upcoming tasks, it is very important to create realistic training scenarios. This is exactly where our realistic tools come into play, offering real added value for practical and theoretical training and further education. Our diverse range of faithful replicas includes various ordnance, IEDs, drugs and explosives laboratories, and much more. By using these replicas, explosive ordnance disposal personnel can learn the necessary skills and techniques in a safe and controlled environment or deepen their existing knowledge.

Large selection of training material

In order to make the product range for realistic training as comprehensive as possible, we offer a wide selection of aids. These include simulated explosives and explosive devices, improvised explosive devices, customized IED training kits, replicas of military weapons and ammunition. These materials enable the emergency services to further develop their skills in various hazardous situations and to prepare for a variety of dangerous situations.

Effectors for faulty defusing

Even with the best preparations, errors can occur during defusing. So-called effectors were developed to simulate this and realistically depict the possible consequences. These immediately emit an acoustic, visual and/or mechanical effect in the event of faulty disarming. This creates an additional pressure situation in the defusing scenario, which makes it possible to sharpen reactions and decisions in such critical moments.

Individual compilation of specific training kits

It is important to us that our customers receive the best possible individual training. For this reason, you have the option of putting together your own personal aid kit in collaboration with our experienced sales team of former defusers. This ensures that the training is tailored to the specific requirements and needs of each individual.

All items and full-size replicas shown here may only be used in a strictly controlled environment and for training purposes to improve understanding of the handling and defusing of improvised explosive devices and to ensure public safety.

Our products in the area of dummies and training material

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