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Even if you’re good, you can still get better. For this reason, ELP GmbH established its own development department seven years ago. Whether it’s robotics or energy management, or whether it’s design, hardware or software optimization, our specialists successfully take it in hand.

Tasks of our development department We care about technological progress at ELP GmbH. On the one hand, we develop new products on our own initiative when we discover the need for them. On the other hand, we test all new products from manufacturers before we include them in the program. And we optimize and configure existing products for which customers have special requirements that the standard program does not cover.
Development projects With our experience and expertise, ELP GmbH has been able to successfully realize a large number of development projects over the years. The X-ray remote trigger, the Kobra charging case, Mobilas or the Itemiser rinsing station are just a few of the products that were designed, engineered and built in our company and have since taken a firm place in safety technology.
Publicly funded projects There is a great deal of trust in ELP GmbH. So big, in fact, that we regularly win contracts for publicly funded programs and projects from cities, federal and state governments. Among others, we have realized the following projects here: + LAGEF (Laser techniques for the assessment of hazardous situations with objects containing chemical and explosive hazardous substances). + mobiLaS (Mobile Laser Cutting Tool) + USBV inspector + RoboSoil + 5G Dos Fire
Software development When it comes to optimizing or specializing products, the software used often plays a major role. For this reason, the specialists at ELP GmbH modify existing software according to the specific application requirements – if necessary, the specialist department programs from scratch. User satisfaction is the top priority.

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