Security for stadium and event visits

Efficient control for safe events

Visiting stadiums and events or participating in other events is not without risk. The safety of visitors and employees is paramount. Therefore, we offer our customers mobile analyzers for the identification of illicit drugs, chemical substances and explosives for admission control. Thus, they are easily able to analyze suspicious substances in the shortest possible time and initiate appropriate measures. In addition, highly mobile X-ray systems can be used to screen suspicious objects from a safe distance and identify their contents beyond doubt.

Application in stadium/event security

Fast, reliable access and baggage screening results are critical to event security. To protect visitors and personnel from potential hazards, safe and highly mobile detection devices are suitable. Reliable analytical instruments are available depending on requirements, application possibilities and budget.

Regularly updated, cloud-based databases with up to 13,000 stored substances enable the identification of hazardous substances, such as illegal drugs, dangerous chemicals, explosives or chemical warfare agents, within minutes – in some cases within seconds. In addition, the integrated features enable resilient documentation.

Suspicious substances are analyzed in a few minutes and appropriate measures can be initiated directly. In addition, ELP GmbH’s highly mobile X-ray systems offer the possibility of X-raying suspicious objects such as packages or bags from a safe distance and generating meaningful images. Detailed photographs provide information about the content or hazard potential of the object under examination.

Our products for event security

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