Teledyne FLIR 725 Kobra™ Remote manipulation vehicle Powerful robot for high payloads

Product description

Teledyne FLIR 725 Kobra™ Remote manipulation vehicle

The 725 Kobra is Teledyne FLIR’s most powerful remote manipulation vehicle. In addition to its high lifting and gripping power, it is particularly characterized by its robust design, high maneuverability and off-road capability, as well as versatility. This powerful UGV is available to users as a flexibly configurable platform to meet various application scenarios.

249,0 kg
133.4 cm
75.9 cm
114.3 cm (transport)
12 x Lithium-Ion, Type: BB-2590
Operating time
Until 10 hours
stepless up to 12.9 km/h (maximum)
Manipulator stroke
150.0 kg at close range, 45.0 kg at max. Stretch
Max. Vertical reach
348.0 cm
Max. Horizontal reach
189.0 cm

Product benefits

The gripper of the double-jointed manipulator arm has a remarkable gripping force and reach. The gripper of the 725 Kobra™ works in parallel and thus enables safe and even as well as careful gripping. The opening width of 20 cm allows users to easily pick up larger objects. Three state-of-the-art HD cameras (tower, mast, grapple) support the execution of manipulation work. Two wide-angle platform cameras (front/rear) ensure unerring navigation.

The 725 Cobra™ has high maneuverability even in rough terrain and can be used in all weather conditions. The vehicle reaches a speed of up to 12.9 km/h and is fully maneuverable even with a large accessory payload - even stairs with an incline can be easily negotiated when loaded.

Operating unit

The control unit of the 725 Kobra™ is a robust touchscreen-based tablet controller (uPoint Multi-Robot Controller) with MPU5 radio/data solution. It allows direct access to the vehicle, its data (sensor values, etc.) and maps to locate the GPS position.

MPU5 Wave Relay® MANET

It can also switch between multiple robotic systems (FirstLook®, Kobra™; and PackBot®) and generate video for evidence collection. The MPU5 allows independent networking with other MPU5 devices that have the same configuration.


Thanks to its advanced system architecture and robust design, the 725 Kobra™ supports the integration of numerous components to provide users with flexibility for different deployment scenarios. The following accessories are currently available:

Hazmat sensors with mounting accessories

For detection of warfare agents and poisonous gases, multiple gas detection and/or radiation detection

Disruptors with mounting accessories

  • RE 70 (manufacturer: Chemring):
    Shooting of solid or fragmenting projectiles as well as liquids, mounting on the gripper
  • Shotgun Benelli:
    Four release channels available for safe remote release via the double-jointed arm

Manipulation tools (ELP development)

Disc breaker, mechanical cable cutter, manipulation hook etc.

Precision gripper (ELP development)

For secure gripping of heavy objects or for tearing open bags and similar objects

Active 200 m fiber optic spooler

For safe, interference-free control via fiber optic cable (optical fiber)

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

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