Equipment set for visual examination For EOD/IEDD

Product description

Equipment set for visual examination

A comprehensive portable search kit for security, narcotics and contraband searches.
Includes a side-view endoscope for searching inaccessible areas, such as wall cavities, crawl spaces, ventilation shafts, behind dashboards. Also includes a selection of search mirrors, lights, flashlights and a telescopic mirror arm.

  • Endoscope (10 W lamp, 9.65 mm diameter, 350 mm, side view)
  • Telescopic mirror arm (1500 mm open, 390 mm closed), 8 different mirrors
  • Various extension arms, light probes, hand lamps and flashlights
  • Batteries included: 2x AA, 6x C-cell, 6x D-cell (all alkaline, non-rechargeable)

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg

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