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Solutions for the
non-destructive testing

From mobile X-ray technology to digital imaging techniques and endoscopic visual inspection, mobile analysis technology is used to achieve meaningful examination results in non-destructive testing (NDT). Both in quality control in product manufacturing and in components and designs.

Products for non-destructive testing

Check quickly and safely

Mobile X-ray technology has been an integral part of our product range since 1990. Our offer offers numerous advantages especially to users from companies, organizations, institutes and authorities in non-destructive testing. Thus, our X-ray generators from Golden Engineering stand for safe and easy radiographic inspection. Because they produce pulsed radiation, they keep radiation exposure significantly lower than continuous radiation devices – and at a higher output power. We offer all models of Golden generators to customers in Germany, but we can perform repairs and maintenance quickly and independently of the manufacturer in our workshop.

In addition to X-ray generators, our product range also includes digital imaging processes. In addition to the Stratos imaging plate system, these include Logos Imaging’s high-resolution flat panel systems.

Areas of application

Monitoring & control of production facilities
Texture and microstructure analysis
Visualization of dynamic processes

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