Persistent Systems MPU5 Powerful networking in action

Product description

Persistent Systems MPU5

Mobile ad-hoc networking

The MPU5 is a highly efficient mobile-ad-hoc networking radio solution for radio/data transmission. It creates high-performance, secure networks anywhere and unifies multiple data sources in real time. The basic device (chassis) contains a small computer with a 1 GHz QuadCore ARM processor and an Android® 5 operating system.

MIMO technology

The MPU5 uses the so-called MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology. This enables the simultaneous reception and transmission of different data packets (e.g. voice radio, video and control of an unmanned system). MIMO technology is particularly suitable in urban environments with poor signal propagation.

Unlimited, powerful network

The great innovative power of the MPU5 system is its mobile-ad-hoc networking (MANET) capability. Any number of devices in the system can independently establish a network and represent a separate node. This includes unmanned systems or remote sensors operated via the MPU5. Each new subscriber increases the density of the network or, in its periphery, the range. The MPU5’s mobile-ad-hoc networking capability allows any number of devices to establish a network to exchange video, voice and data.


  • Intelligent management of multiple radio channels (video, voice and data) simultaneously
  • Mobile-ad-hoc networking capability
  • Control of unmanned systems
  • Connectivity for many end devices: cameras, tablets, smartphones, HDMI displays, audio end devices, etc.
  • RoIP port: connection with older radios from other manufacturers
  • Interchangeable radio modules (choice between different frequency bands)
  • Up to 100 Mbit/s data throughput

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg

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