Laboratory dummies

Replicas for realistic training

Forensic work plays a crucial role in the fight against terrorism. Realistic training is essential in order to be able to take effective action against potential threats. Replicas of explosives laboratories and workshops are based on real facilities to provide an authentic training experience. By using complete sets and training kits, precise exercise aids can be produced. These sets include various components that are used in real explosives laboratories and workshops.

The training kits offer a wide selection of items typically used by amateur bomb makers. This vividly conveys how everyday objects can be transformed into dangerous improvised explosive devices through the use of materials. The training enables forensic officers to recognize potential threats and respond appropriately.

The use of replicas of real laboratories and workshops provides trainees with a realistic training environment. This enables them to learn the procedures, materials and equipment in a safe context. In this way, they can improve their skills and be optimally prepared for emergencies.

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