IEDD Training Lane Kit OTA-IEDD3

Product description

IEDD Training Lane Kit

With this special set, consisting of various inert manipulated ordnance, unconventional detonation systems, detonating cords and more, users have the opportunity to create a simulated IEDD scenario according to their individual training needs. The variety of elements included allows them to create realistic situations and customize their training to improve their improvised explosive device skills. This kit allows you to practice tactical decision-making, increase awareness of potential hazards and improve reaction time while training in a safe environment.


  • 3x 155mm HE Artillery Projectile
  • 3x 155mm M1A1 South African HE Artillery Projectile
  • 3x 152mm OF-25 Soviet HE Frag Artillery Projectile
  • 3x 130mm Soviet HE Artillery Projectile
  • 3x 122mm OF-56 Soviet HE Frag Artillery Projectile
  • 3x 107mm Iranian HE Rocket
  • 3x 105mm M1 NATO HE Artillery Projectile
  • 3x 82mm O-832 Soviet HE Mortar
  • 3x 82mm Type 53 Chinese HE Mortar Round
  • 3x 73mm PG-9 Rocket
  • 3x PG-7V 85mm RPG Rocket (w/ Booster)
  • 3x RKG3 Soviet Anti-Tank Hand Grenade
  • 3x RKG3 Soviet Anti-Tank Hand Grenade (w/ Deployed Parachute)
  • 3x RG42 Soviet Frag Grenade
  • 3x RGD5 Soviet Frag Grenade
  • 3x F1 Soviet Frag Grenade
  • 3x TC/6 Italian Anti-Tank Mine
  • 3x VS-2.2 Italian Anti-Tank Mine
  • 3x VS-1.6 Italian Anti-Tank Mine
  • 3x VS-50 Italian AP refill
  • 3x TS-50 Italian AP Mine
  • 3x YM-1 Iranian AP Mine
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  • 2x 100′ Det Cord (Red)
  • 2x 100′ Det Cord (Yellow)
  • 2x 100′ Time Fuse (Bronze)
  • 2x 100′ Time Fuse (Olive Drab)
  • 4x M112 1.25 lb. C4 Demolition Block
  • 4x C4 (1 lb. bulk)
  • 4x Semtex-H 500g
  • 4x Semtex-A 500g
  • 4x Semtex A (0.5 lb. bulk)
  • 4x Semtex H (0.5 lb. bulk)
  • 4x TNT 400g Middle Eastern
  • 4x 0.5kg Israeli Mk-II Demolition Block
  • 4x Arabic Dynamite
  • 4x PE-4 demolition stick
  • 4x PE-4A demolition stick
  • 4x Cast Booster (Red)
  • 4x Electric Blasting Cap (Open End)
  • 4x Non-Electric Blasting Cap (Open End)
  • 4x Cell Phones (w/ Exposed Wires)
  • 4x Washing Machine Timers (Modified)
  • 2x Pair PMR Two-Way Radios (One w/ Exposed Wire)
  • 20x Improvised Switches (Misc)
  • 20x Battery Pack (Misc)
  • 20x Micro-Switch (Misc)
  • 20x Misc Components (Wire, Project Boxes, etc)
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