Research project mobiLaS to support USBV disarmament and evidence preservation.

As part of the mobiLaS (Mobile Laser Cutting System) research project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education, ELP GmbH European Logistic Partners, together with its project partners, has made great progress in the development of a mobile laser cutting system for use in the field of defusing technology.

Together with the Institute for Detection Technologies (IDT) at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS), the Düsseldorf State Criminal Police Office (LKA), and associated partners the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and the Federal Police at Düsseldorf Airport, the family-owned company from Wuppertal developed the prototype of a laser cutting system for mobile use. The starting point of the research project is real danger situations in which it may be necessary to open, examine and ultimately defuse bombs, incendiary devices or similar objects without contact. The aim of this joint project was to research and develop a new type of mobile laser cutting system. Appropriate security authorities should be put in a position to manage such and similar hazardous situations.

The focus of the project on the part of ELP GmbH European Logistic Partners was the provision of suitable remote control robotics in order to be able to carry out the investigation and mitigation of potential hazards in a targeted manner from a safe distance and in an automated manner. The team led by Michael Weitauer, head of the Research and Development department, was also responsible for monitoring the safety zone of the mobile cutting system. Establishing a safe distance to the object under examination is possible, for example, via the user interface developed by ELP GmbH for remote control and data evaluation of the laser cutting system. With suitable parameterization on this user interface, it is additionally feasible to perform a targeted laser cut in an automated manner so that the defusing specialists can directly access the source of danger.


ELP GmbH European Logistic Partners
Michael Weitauer
Head of Research and Development

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