Risk assessment and elimination of hazards

Spot for authorities and public safety

The versatility of the Spot allows it to be used in environments with a high hazard potential. The agility of this walking robot comes into its own when assessing risks and carrying out highly specialized applications. With the ability to be customized with additional payloads and tools, it can be used by special forces to investigate or assist in the disposal of improvised explosive devices (EOD/ (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) or improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD/ (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal)) - both in civilian and military explosive ordnance disposal.

Detection of hazardous substances
The use of special sensors also enables special forces to assess threats from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive substances (CBRNE). By measuring and transmitting a wide range of sensor data in real time, the incident commander is given a comprehensive overview of the situation.

Can be operated from a safe distance
Especially in public areas (airports, train stations, city centers, etc.). the precise collection of data helps to quickly and safely assess dangerous situations and keep the population away from threat zones. Spot can be navigated remotely via the existing tablet interface or the web-based "Scout" control software. Thanks to the high-performance and tap-proof Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) MPU5, outdoor ranges of 1.5 kilometers are possible in such operations - using WaveRelay network technology even up to a (technically) unlimited range.


  • Spot base platform
  • Battery (2x) and charger
  • Operator tablet
  • Calibration chart
  • Transport case
  • Arm
  • CAM+IR
  • PS MPU5

Remote inspections

A common application for this agile walking robot is the inspection of hazardous environments. By detecting safety problems at an early stage, users can remotely identify potential health hazards or people behaving conspicuously and warn of damage and danger in good time. Spot® helps to safely assess hazardous situations and keep people away from danger zones. This enables the precise assessment of risks in potentially dangerous scenarios. The high-performance and tap-proof Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) MPU5 enables outdoor ranges of 1.5 kilometers - using WaveRelay network technology even up to a (technically) unlimited range.

Detection of hazardous substances

The use of special sensors enables users to detect hazardous materials or toxic gases. Spot helps to identify and assess chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) threats from a safe distance.

The valuable insights from autonomous 360° images and videos in indoor spaces or challenging outdoor locations provide the user with a comprehensive overview of the situation.

Examination of suspicious objects

Users also have the option of controlling Spot remotely via the tablet interface or the web-based control software "Scout" and checking data in real time. For example, automated patrols can be planned and carried out 24 hours a day without the support of an additional employee. Spot reports any anomalies by e-mail and within the software so that the user can assess the situation immediately. With the Spot Arm, operators can perform a remote inspection of suspect materials. The LED lighting integrated in the gripper and the 4K camera enable precise gripping, moving and maneuvering of objects. Spot thus offers an efficient solution for risk assessment and inspection in demanding environments.

Spot Arm

Included in the package

The Spot Arm significantly extends the robot's capabilities by enabling a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic manipulation and data capture actions. It can pick up, place, push or pull objects and adapt to new situations at the touch of a button.

Operators can perform complex manipulation tasks effortlessly with the intuitive tablet control without having to undergo extensive training beforehand. The robot's ability to interact with its environment significantly expands the range of tasks that can be performed. With 6 degrees of freedom and a powerful gripper that has a reach of almost one meter, the Spot Arm can lift weights of up to 11 kg and pull up to 25 kg.

The walking robot's integrated sensors include ToF and IMU sensors, as well as a 4K RGB camera in the gripper

The API interface integrated in the Spot Arm enables developers to easily install user-defined applications. This gives it impressive innovative strength and offers maximum freedom for research and development.

Quickly ready for use, the arm enables precise and repeatable actions. The integrated sensors facilitate manual control, especially outside the line of sight. Tasks such as handling hazardous material or inspecting suspicious packages can be carried out from a safe distance.

Length98.4 cm
Weight (incl. gripper)8 kg
Max. Lifting capacityUp to 11 kg
Continuous lifting capacity (at 0.5 m extension)5 kg
Max. Drawing capacityUp to 25 kg
Max. Range (height)180 cm
Protection classIP 65
Gripper depth9 cm
Gripper opening17.5 cm
Max. Clamping force130 N
Integrated sensorsToF (3D camera), IMU, 4K RGB

Spot Cam+IR

Included in the package

With its powerful features, the CAM+IR turns Spot into a versatile exploration tool.

The pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera with 30x optical zoom allows the user to view important inspection details from a distance. To capture specific thermal images, the Spot CAM+IR is equipped with an integrated radiometric thermal imaging camera. With the 360° panoramic color camera, operators have a broad overview of the surroundings and thus ensure seamless monitoring.

The protected cabling and sealed electronics ensure the longevity of the device and therefore reliable inspections - even in challenging environments. The Spot CAM+IR is equipped with a roll cage to protect it from falls. The USB port allows users to save image data and thus save important information for later analysis.

The Spot CAM+IR has two loudspeakers and a microphone, allowing direct interaction with the action if required. Any instructions or information can be easily communicated. Acoustic inspections are possible with the highly sensitive microphone, as it is able to detect very quiet noises.

The Spot CAM+IR can also be used in dark environments - four pairs of LEDs provide sufficient lighting. It also offers flexible configuration options for front or rear mounting, depending on the requirements of your inspection project.

The Spot CAM+IR is therefore a versatile inspection tool that enables Spot to monitor remote or hazardous environments and focus on key inspection details.


Integrated radiometric thermal imaging camera
Spherical camera (360 x 170° view)
Pan-tilt-zoom camera (PTZ) with 30x optical zoom
Two speakers and microphones enable two-way audio
Highly sensitive microphone for acoustic inspections
Four pairs of LEDs provide illumination in dark environments
Roll cage for impact protection
USB port available for saving image data
Protected cabling and sealed electronics
Configuration options for front or rear mounting

Spot PS MPU5

Included in the package

The MPU5-MANET is a highly efficient radio solution for radio/data transmission. It creates high-performance, secure networks anywhere and unifies multiple data sources in real time. It enables quick and easy setup of secure network communication between Spot and its operator without the need for infrastructure. With this smart radio/data solution from Persistent Systems, Spot and the operator can communicate with each other wirelessly.

Main features

Establishes a powerful and secure network at any location
Supplied with pre-set settings so that Spot® is ready for immediate use
Supports a mesh network if a larger network is required
Easy mounting on the robot and attachment to the operator's belt or vest
Compact size allows mounting under the Spot® arm
Supports 2.4 GHz radios

Contents of the box:

  • A robot-mountable MPU5 radio with antennas, including Spot GXP
  • An MPU5 radio with antennas mounted on the operator's belt
  • Spot Tablet Joysticks connection module*
  • Battery charger for the radio with two compartments

*Spot Tablet Joysticks are required for use

Network Diagram
Robot Radio Configuration
Standard radio kit in action

Robot page

Operator side

Spot Care


Extended warranty with Spot CARE
Premium service and support

Spot CARE - so that your robot always runs at peak performance. Our Premium Service Plan offers you one year of extended warranty cover and accelerated repairs.

Spot CARE offers extended insurance cover and ensures that your Spot device is repaired or replaced within 10 working days so that you can get back up and running quickly.

With Spot CARE, you also receive an additional set of Spot treats and additional leg, front and rear plates with your purchase to prevent wear and tear.

Our service plan also includes damage protection so that you are protected against accidental damage during routine operation. Our experienced team of specialist technicians will carry out repairs free of charge.

Please note that improper use is not covered by Spot CARE. Read the Spot CARE terms and conditions to find out what is considered improper use.

For inspections where Spot is not covered by Spot CARE, we require an on-site appointment to diagnose the cause of the problem. A signed cost estimate is required for this. You must coordinate the transportation of your robot and bear the cost of shipping to Boston Dynamics. As soon as the device arrives, you will receive a cost estimate for the repair within 3 working days. If you agree to the repair costs, the inspection fee is waived and you bear the costs for parts, labor and return shipping. If you do not want the repair, you must bear the costs for the inspection and return shipment.

Please note that Spot CARE only applies to Spot robots or Spot robots with one arm. Batteries, payloads, the tablet and the charger are not covered.

Our Premium Service Plan offers one year of extended insurance cover and accelerated repairs.

Damage protection Protect yourself from unwanted damage during routine operation with access to free repairs* by our team of experts.
Free spare parts To prevent wear and tear, you will receive an additional set of spot profiles and additional leg, front and rear plates with your purchase.
Fast processing Your Spot device will be repaired or replaced within 10 working days so that you can get back to work quickly.
without protectionwith protection
Hardware repairs, both parts and labor, due to accidental damage*Payment by customerIncluded
Priority response and support for repair or replacement20 days10 days or less
Hardware reliability upgrades at the time of repair or on request if availableNot included,
additional costs
No unexpected repair costsCost estimate for the repair must be submittedIncluded
No administrative work for paperwork and inspection permitsExtended downtime
for approvals
Free domestic shipping to and from Boston DynamicsNot includedIncluded
Free international shipping from Boston Dynamics after repair**Not includedIncluded
One-off discount for the replacement of hardware due to unintentional irreparable damage*Not includedIncluded
One set of replacement skirting boards and impact protection plates per termNot includedIncluded

*Improper use of Spot is not covered by Spot CARE.
**Duties and taxes not included

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