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Development of new functions and applications

Spot® Innovator research and development package

Spot®, the agile walking robot from Boston Dynamics, is characterized by its advanced mobility and extensive semi-autonomous functions. These properties create ideal conditions for users and developers who want to implement complex, customized solutions. The combination of Spot® with arm and the open Core I/O interface opens up a wide range of possibilities for individual programming and customization.

An outstanding feature of Spot® is its ability to be individually programmed. Developers and research departments can run their own software directly on the robot via core I/O while benefiting from high bandwidth and low latency. This allows the full potential of Spot® to be used extremely efficiently and enables the development of innovative applications and functions that meet specific requirements.


  • Spot base platform
  • Battery (2x) and charger
  • Operator tablet
  • Calibration chart
  • Transport case
  • Arm
  • CORE I/O

Understanding and developing robotics

The extraordinary flexibility of Spot® is used in educational programs at universities, where the walking robot is used to give students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of robotics. At the same time, development and research institutes use Spot® to develop innovative solutions for challenges in the areas of environmental protection, rescue operations and exploration.

A highly flexible basis for diverse projects

Core I/O makes SPOT® customizable to handle specific tasks in different industries. In medicine, sensors and cameras can be added to use the robot for patient monitoring and care. In the construction industry, it is possible to equip SPOT® with additional tools to carry out building inspections.

The SPOT® CORE I/O payload also offers a robust security infrastructure that gives developers the option of developing and implementing security-critical applications. This expands the fields of application and increases the flexibility with which the Spot® robot can be used.

In addition, this payload supports the seamless integration of sensors and other peripheral devices, which facilitates the development and implementation of specialized customer solutions.

Software development according to individual requirements

The increasing complexity of operating systems represents a major challenge for software development. In particular, the combination of SPOT® CORE I/O and the open source framework ROS2 (Robot Operating System 2) enables software developers to develop and extend their own applications according to the specific requirements of SPOT®.

A major advantage of ROS2 is the support of various programming languages, including Python, C++, Java and others. This allows programmers to choose the language with which they are most familiar or which is best suited to their specific requirements. This improves flexibility and productivity.

Another advantage of ROS2 is the large and globally active community that supports the framework. The ROS2 community is made up of a huge number of developers who share their knowledge, experience and resources. This offers developers the opportunity to benefit from the best practices and solutions of others and to expand their own skills and knowledge.

Spot® Core I/O

Included in the package

Spot® CORE I/O significantly increases communication and data acquisition through additional computing power. The platform makes it easy to configure sensors, cameras and other payloads to transform data into valuable insights.

Key features include a compact CPU and GPU with customizable inputs and outputs, the ability to easily seal cables for IP54 certification, an integrated 5G/LTE modem with CBRS support for private networks, and the option to use the AT&T public network.

There is also the option to add Velodyne VLP-16 LIDAR for improved autonomy (see Spot® EAP 2). An example of a computer vision model is included in the scope of delivery. The platform also offers regulated power outputs of 5, 12 and 24V as well as an RJ45 standard Ethernet adapter.

LIDAR improves range and therefore autonomy
Compact CPU and GPU with customizable inputs and outputs
Integrated 5G/LTE modem with CBRS support for private networks and option to use AT&T's public network
A computer vision model is supplied
5, 12, and 24V regulated current output
RJ45 standard Ethernet adapter

Spot® Arm

Included in the package

The Spot® Arm significantly extends the robot's capabilities by enabling a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic manipulation and data capture actions. It can pick up, place, push or pull objects and adapt to new situations at the touch of a button.

Operators can perform complex manipulation tasks effortlessly with the intuitive tablet control without having to undergo extensive training beforehand. The robot's ability to interact with its environment significantly expands the range of tasks that can be performed. With 6 degrees of freedom and a powerful gripper that has a reach of almost one meter, the Spot® Arm can lift weights of up to 11 kg and pull up to 25 kg.

The walking robot's integrated sensors include ToF and IMU sensors, as well as a 4K RGB camera in the gripper

The API interface integrated in the SPOT® Arm enables developers to easily install user-defined applications. This gives it impressive innovative strength and offers maximum freedom for research and development.

Quickly ready for use, the arm enables precise and repeatable actions. The integrated sensors facilitate manual control, especially outside the line of sight. Tasks such as handling hazardous material or inspecting suspicious packages can be carried out from a safe distance.

Length98.4 cm
Weight (incl. gripper)8 kg
Max. Lifting capacityUp to 11 kg
Continuous lifting capacity (at 0.5 m extension)5 kg
Max. Drawing capacityUp to 25 kg
Max. Range (height)180 cm
Protection classIP 65
Gripper depth9 cm
Gripper opening17.5 cm
Max. Clamping force130 N
Integrated sensorsToF (3D camera), IMU, 4K RGB

Spot® Care


Extended warranty with Spot® CARE
Premium service and support

Spot® CARE - so that your robot always runs at peak performance. Our Premium Service Plan offers you one year of extended warranty cover and accelerated repairs.

Spot® CARE offers extended insurance cover and ensures that your Spot® device is repaired or replaced within 10 working days so that you can get back up and running quickly.

With Spot® CARE, you also receive an additional set of Spot® treads and additional leg, front and rear plates with your purchase to prevent wear and tear.

Our service plan also includes damage protection so that you are protected against accidental damage during routine operation. Our experienced team of specialist technicians will carry out repairs free of charge.

Please note that improper use is not covered by Spot® CARE. Read the Spot® CARE terms and conditions to find out what is considered improper use.

For inspections where Spot® is not covered by Spot® CARE, we require an on-site appointment to diagnose the cause of the problem. A signed cost estimate is required for this. You must coordinate the transportation of your robot and bear the cost of shipping to Boston Dynamics. As soon as the device arrives, you will receive a cost estimate for the repair within 3 working days. If you agree to the repair costs, the inspection fee is waived and you bear the costs for parts, labor and return shipping. If you do not want the repair, you must bear the costs for the inspection and return shipment.

Please note that Spot® CARE only applies to Spot® robots or Spot® robots with one arm. Batteries, payloads, the tablet and the charger are not covered.

Our Premium Service Plan offers one year of extended insurance cover and accelerated repairs.

Damage protection Protect yourself from unwanted damage during routine operation with access to free repairs* by our team of experts.
Free spare parts To prevent wear and tear, you will receive an additional set of spot profiles and additional leg, front and rear plates with your purchase.
Fast processing Your Spot device will be repaired or replaced within 10 working days so that you can get back to work quickly.
without protectionwith protection
Hardware repairs, both parts and labor, due to accidental damage*Payment by customerIncluded
Priority response and support for repair or replacement20 days10 days or less
Hardware reliability upgrades at the time of repair or on request if availableNot included,
additional costs
No unexpected repair costsCost estimate for the repair must be submittedIncluded
No administrative work for paperwork and inspection permitsExtended downtime
for approvals
Free domestic shipping to and from Boston DynamicsNot includedIncluded
Free international shipping from Boston Dynamics after repair**Not includedIncluded
One-off discount for the replacement of hardware due to unintentional irreparable damage*Not includedIncluded
One set of replacement skirting boards and impact protection plates per termNot includedIncluded

*Improper use of Spot is not covered by Spot CARE.
**Duties and taxes not included

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