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Spot Autonomous Industrial Inspection

The Spot Autonomous Industrial Inspection Package was developed for special requirements. With its impressive performance and the included EAP2 Lidar sensor, Spot completes automated inspection routes, even around moving obstacles such as vehicles, while taking readings and collecting valuable data. Users have the flexibility to customize their schedules and create tailored inspection plans.

This versatile walking robot can be safely controlled from a tablet or remotely using the web-based "Scout" control software, with real-time data monitoring as a matter of course.


  • Spot base platform
  • Battery (2x) and charger
  • Operator tablet
  • Calibration chart
  • Transport case
  • CAM+IR
  • EAP2
  • Scout

Possible applications in the field of occupational health and safety

This intelligent integration of robots and advanced automation technology marks a significant transformation in the way companies can design and control processes.

Agile, efficient and flexible.

Possible applications in the field of occupational health and safety

Thanks to its advanced sensor platform, Spot offers a wide range of applications in occupational safety. It detects and monitors potentially dangerous situations, collects high-precision data for monitoring machines, systems and structures and thus reduces risks in areas that are difficult or dangerous for people to access. It enables continuous monitoring of working environments in order to detect accidents at an early stage and take preventive measures. Overall, Spot is a valuable partner for occupational safety, which can be significantly improved.

Thermal detection and visual inspection

With the integrated CAM+ID thermal imaging camera, Spot is able to reliably detect overheating in tanks, machines or electrical conductors during autowalk missions or thermal inspections, for example. This function is crucial, as routine thermal inspections are an essential part of preventive maintenance and ensure safety standards. As soon as predefined areas of interest or alarm thresholds are exceeded, Spot immediately sends alerts via email and to the Scout software, or creates work orders via the asset management platform of your choice.

The pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera allows users to remotely check analog measuring devices for pressure, flow and temperature measurement as well as many other parameters. Thanks to the impressive 30x optical zoom lens, details can be captured precisely. The data collected helps to detect anomalies such as excessive heat development, leaks or contamination at an early stage and to take appropriate measures.

Maximum efficiency with Spot Docking Station

Spot has an autonomous self-charging function that enables the robot to work autonomously for long periods of time. This means that extensive inspection missions can be carried out without interruptions.

After mission completion, all collected data can be easily downloaded via the dock during the loading process to ensure seamless data transfer and processing.

Spot® EAP2

Included in the package

The Spot EAP 2 (Extended Autonomy Package) offers various improvements in the areas of autonomy, calculations and communication on the Spot platform. In particular, the range and precision of autonomous navigation over large areas and changing positions are improved. The Spot 3D base cameras have an effective range of 4 meters for autonomous mapping.

By using the Velodyne VLP-16 LIDAR, this range can be extended to up to 100 meters. The integrated Spot CORE I/O processor and the compact NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX system-on-module support high-resolution sensors that allow Spot to create larger and more precise maps or move autonomously outdoors and over large areas. The EAP 2 enables Spot to efficiently and reliably avoid obstacles, plan optimal routes and navigate safely on uneven and changing surfaces.

Especially in environments where physical features for navigation are missing, this package proves to be extremely beneficial, as Spot is able to determine exact positions on an Autowalk map and locate itself precisely even in these areas.

LIDAR improves range and therefore autonomy
Compact CPU and GPU with customizable inputs and outputs
Integrated 5G/LTE modem with CBRS support for private networks and option to use AT&T's public network
A computer vision model is supplied
5, 12, and 24V regulated current output
RJ45 standard Ethernet adapter

Spot Dock

Included in the package

Boston Dynamics Spot Dock is an innovative solution for autonomous inspection. With this technology, it is possible to transform any Spot® mobile robot into an enduring inspection device. The Spot Dock not only enables automatic self-charging of the robot, but also offers greater reliability during data collection operations and routine inspections.

Thanks to the integrated dock detection system, Spot can return to the charging station independently either via a tablet or via the API interface. This significantly reduces the operating effort and increases efficiency in various areas of application. Spot can therefore be operated autonomously and recharge its battery automatically.

Another advantage of the Spot Dock is the ability to realize longer deployments, especially in remote environments. By placing multiple docks on site, equipped with unique reference points, Spot can work flexibly in environments with multiple charging stations. This enables longer operating times without manual loading processes - making unlimited autonomous inspections feasible.

Overall, the Boston Dynamics Spot Dock offers an innovative solution for optimized work processes and gives you control over your inspection requirements.

Spot Cam+IR

Included in the package

With its powerful features, the Spot CAM+IR turns Spot into a versatile exploration tool.

The pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera with 30x optical zoom allows the user to view important inspection details from a distance. To capture specific thermal images, the Spot CAM+IR is equipped with an integrated radiometric thermal imaging camera. With the 360° panoramic color camera, operators have a broad overview of the surroundings and thus ensure seamless monitoring.

The protected cabling and sealed electronics ensure the longevity of the device and therefore reliable inspections - even in challenging environments. The SPot CAM+IR is equipped with a roll cage to protect it from falls. The USB port allows users to save image data and thus save important information for later analysis.

The Spot CAM+IR has two loudspeakers and a microphone, allowing direct interaction with the action if required. Any instructions or information can be easily communicated. Acoustic inspections are possible with the highly sensitive microphone, as it is able to detect very quiet noises.

The Spot CAM+IR can also be used in dark environments - four pairs of LEDs provide sufficient lighting. It also offers flexible configuration options for front or rear mounting, depending on the requirements of your inspection project.

The Spot CAM+IR is therefore a versatile inspection tool that enables Spot to monitor remote or hazardous environments and focus on key inspection details.


Integrated radiometric thermal imaging camera
Spherical camera (360 x 170° view)
Pan-tilt-zoom camera (PTZ) with 30x optical zoom
Two speakers and microphones enable two-way audio
Highly sensitive microphone for acoustic inspections
Four pairs of LEDs provide illumination in dark environments
Roll cage for impact protection
USB port available for saving image data
Protected cabling and sealed electronics
Configuration options for front or rear mounting



SCOUT is a web-based application that has been specially developed for remote monitoring. With this control system, operators are able to carry out inspections in remote areas, large areas or systems without having to be on site in person. Users can choose to carry out pre-programmed, autonomous missions or steer the robot manually from the control station. Thanks to the Spot CAM+IR, the robot can be moved and positioned precisely, while real-time images, thermal imaging and audio data can be captured at the same time.

SCOUT helps to improve the safety and efficiency of inspection operations. Users can check measuring devices, machines and pipelines for anomalies such as corrosion or leaks. In addition, noise anomalies in machines can be detected at an early stage to identify signs of a malfunction. Problematic "hot spots" in tanks, machines or electrical cables can also be identified with the help of SCOUT. This makes it possible to penetrate areas that would pose a danger to the user.

If an operator encounters a leak or other problem, it is possible to send a link to the operations management for assessment. This means that immediate situation assessments and responses to incidents in remote or unmanned facilities can be made at any time from the operations center. This allows problems to be identified and rectified at an early stage before major failures occur.

Spot Care


Extended warranty with Spot CARE
Premium service and support

Spot CARE - so that your robot always runs at peak performance. Our Premium Service Plan offers you one year of extended warranty cover and accelerated repairs.

Spot CARE offers extended insurance cover and ensures that your Spot device is repaired or replaced within 10 working days so that you can get back up and running quickly.

With Spot CARE, you also receive an additional set of Spot treads and additional leg, front and rear plates with your purchase to prevent wear and tear.

Our service plan also includes damage protection so that you are protected against accidental damage during routine operation. Our experienced team of specialist technicians will carry out repairs free of charge.

Please note that improper use is not covered by Spot CARE. Read the Spot CARE terms and conditions to find out what is considered improper use.

For inspections where Spot is not covered by Spot CARE, we require an on-site appointment to diagnose the cause of the problem. A signed cost estimate is required for this. You must coordinate the transportation of your robot and bear the cost of shipping to Boston Dynamics. As soon as the device arrives, you will receive a cost estimate for the repair within 3 working days. If you agree to the repair costs, the inspection fee is waived and you bear the costs for parts, labor and return shipping. If you do not want the repair, you must bear the costs for the inspection and return shipment.

Please note that Spot CARE only applies to Spot robots or Spot robots with one arm. Batteries, payloads, the tablet and the charger are not covered.

Our Premium Service Plan offers one year of extended insurance cover and accelerated repairs.

Damage protection Protect yourself from unwanted damage during routine operation with access to free repairs* by our team of experts.
Free spare parts To prevent wear and tear, you will receive an additional set of spot profiles and additional leg, front and rear plates with your purchase.
Fast processing Your Spot device will be repaired or replaced within 10 working days so that you can get back to work quickly.
without protectionwith protection
Hardware repairs, both parts and labor, due to accidental damage*Payment by customerIncluded
Priority response and support for repair or replacement20 days10 days or less
Hardware reliability upgrades at the time of repair or on request if availableNot included,
additional costs
No unexpected repair costsCost estimate for the repair must be submittedIncluded
No administrative work for paperwork and inspection permitsExtended downtime
for approvals
Free domestic shipping to and from Boston DynamicsNot includedIncluded
Free international shipping from Boston Dynamics after repair**Not includedIncluded
One-off discount for the replacement of hardware due to unintentional irreparable damage*Not includedIncluded
One set of replacement skirting boards and impact protection plates per termNot includedIncluded

*Improper use of Spot is not covered by Spot CARE.
**Duties and taxes not included

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