Spot Basic

Unsurpassed mobility and autonomy

Spot Basic

Robots have been used in a wide range of applications and industries for many decades. Spot belongs to the latest generation of mobile remote-controlled robots and sets standards in terms of its impressive mobility and autonomy. With the ability to climb stairs semi-autonomously and move effortlessly on uneven terrain, Spot outperforms conventional wheeled robots many times over. This agile mobile robotics system not only enables autonomous navigation along predefined routes, but also adaptation to changing environments.

Spot recognizes obstacles and finds alternative ways to successfully complete its mission.


  • Spot base platform
  • Battery (2x) and charger
  • Operator tablet
  • Calibration chart
  • Transport case

Automated, precise and regular data collection

Users benefit from the ability to automatically capture high-precision 360° images and videos both indoors and in challenging outdoor areas. This provides a comprehensive overview of the surroundings. With the option of adding additional sensors or using special software, the functions of Spot can be flexibly adapted to the user's requirements

Its ability to provide accurate and regular data is of great value to research, industry, public safety and much more. The need for automated data collection is present in almost every industry - Spot plays an important role as a helpful tool in this respect.

Efficient, versatile and flexible

In addition, Spot provides the ability to continuously update maps and environmental data, which is invaluable in areas such as automation and mapping. This means it can not only record the surroundings, but also provide constantly updated information.

Overall, the combination of mobility and its automated data capture capability helps to significantly increase efficiency, safety and productivity in a wide range of applications and industries.

Spot is capable of being used indoors and outdoors to support a wide range of applications. In industry, for example, it can help to improve the efficiency of production processes by monitoring the condition of systems and detecting potential problems at an early stage. In the security industry, it is possible to use Spot to monitor hazardous locations without exposing people to direct danger.

By integrating additional sensors, such as temperature or gas detectors, Spot can also be used in environments where special data is required. This flexibility makes it an extremely versatile tool for data acquisition.

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