Small blasting barrel D 30 Evidence transport container with high holding capacity

Product description

Small blasting barrel D 30

The D 30 explosive barrel was developed to enable the removal of an explosive device. A carrying strap allows it to be carried with one hand.

approx. 11,5 kg
40 cm
30 cm


Successful tests with non-approved/manipulated pyrotechnics (“Poland banger” and hand grenade F1) at the Saxony State Criminal Police Office underline the holding performance of the barrel solution:

Firecracker type Cobra 6 with 28 g flash bang set
Firecracker type Retorno 100 with 100 g flash bang set
Hand grenade type F1 with 70 g
Firecracker type Chipola with 50 g flash bang set

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

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