Russian Ordnance Crate (RUS-ORK) Exact replicas of a variety of ordnance for training purposes

Product description

Russian Ordnance Crate (RUS-ORK)

This training package consists of a variety of combat equipment, all of which were used in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. These highly realistic training aids are exact replicas in original size and have been designed with great attention to detail and extreme durability to enable effective theoretical and practical disarming training. In addition to the ordnance, the kit includes a custom-made wooden box with a custom-fit foam insert to ensure safe storage and easy transportation. This ensures comprehensive and practical training.

  • PG-7L 93MM RPG Rocket
  • PG-7 Rocket Booster (Pre-Fired)
  • PG-7 Rocket Fin Assembly (Post-Fired)
  • 82mm O-832 Soviet HE Mortar Round
  • 152mm OF-25 Soviet HE Frag Artillery Projectile
  • V-429 Soviet Artillery Fuze
  • RGD5 Soviet Frag Grenade
  • F1 Soviet Frag Grenade
  • RKG3 Soviet Anti-Tank Hand Grenade
  • PFM-1 Soviet Scatter Mine
  • PMN Soviet AP Mine
  • PMN-2 Soviet AP Mine
  • OZM-72 Soviet Bounding AP Mine
  • MON-50 Soviet Directional Mine
  • TM-62M Soviet Anti-Tank Mine w/ MVP-62M Fuze (One Piece)
  • TM-62P3 Soviet Anti-Tank Mine w/ MVP-62M Fuze (One Piece)

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