Persistent Systems GVR5 Sophisticated multi-band system for infantry vehicles

Product description

Persistent Systems GVR5

The intelligent GVR5 from Persistent Systems was developed in collaboration with General Dynamics Mission Systems specifically for installation and operation in infantry combat vehicles. It enables simultaneous communication between these vehicles as well as with the MPU5 systems of remote units – with low latency and high capacity. The very robust and mobile network device can be seamlessly implemented in the existing vehicle LAN and intercom system. It offers two internal HD video encoding/decoding, I/O ports for third-party system devices such as LTE or Wide Band SATCOM and a fully integrated Android™ operating system (OS).

MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology

The GVR5 enables the simultaneous installation of two RF modules. This enables operation in the C+L, C+S and L+S belt combinations. MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology is used for high efficiency and transmission reliability. This intelligent technology uses the reflections of obstacles to transmit data faster. The simultaneous exchange of voice, video, text, sensor and location data can be carried out without interference, protected and without a fixed infrastructure. This enables stable data and voice communication in environments with poor signal propagation, such as tunnels or urban areas, when conventional radio solutions fail.

Dual Band Wave Relay® MANET

The biggest special feature of the GVR5 systems is the MANET network technology WaveRelay. All end devices based on this are able to set up a network independently and each represents a separate node in Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET). Every participant thus becomes a transmitter, receiver and repeater – this even applies to unmanned systems such as robots, UAVs or remote sensors. As the density of the network increases with each participant, the range is (technically) unlimited with high mobility.


  • Simultaneous Dual Band-Wave Relay® MANET (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network)
  • Communication automatically via the best band depending on geography and RF utilization
  • Embedded Cloud Relay™ connects the GVR5 with third-party communication systems such as LTE and Wide Band SATCOM
  • Massive network scalability and robust IP networks support joint operations and mobile command and control systems
  • RoIP port: connection with older radios from other manufacturers
  • Dual band solution: Intelligent cross-banding from 1350MHz to 6GHz (L to S/L to C/S to C)
  • Ideal for manned and unmanned vehicle teams and leader-follower vehicles
  • Up to 2 x 100 Mbit/s data throughput

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg

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