Med-Eng bomb suit EOD 9N NIJ-certified protection for bomb disposal technicians

Product description

Med-Eng bomb suit EOD 9N

The EOD 9N is the model revision of the successful EOD 9 bomb suit, tested and certified to the requirements of NIJ Standard 0117.01 (Standard Requirements for Bomb Suits) of the US National Institute of Justice. Suit and helmet are fully compatible with the optional accessories for the previous model EOD 9.

The EOD 9N was specifically designed to counter the threat of an explosive blast, making it much easier to conduct operational missions. It provides protection against overpressure, fragmentation, impact as well as heat.

By carefully distributing the protective materials over the entire body, it offers an unprecedented balance of protection and flexibility – for example, the sliding lower body protection plate can be easily pushed back to allow squatting, bending, and climbing movements. The EOD 9-/9A helmet provides safe protection against the effects of explosions and has been designed to be not only user-friendly, but also extremely comfortable, so that the user does not tire as quickly, longer operating times are possible and user safety is further increased.


  • Ergonomics (e.g. dressing and undressing)
  • Optics (e.g. light transmission and distortion in the sighting area)
  • Flammability
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Head protection (e.g. impact absorption, dielectric strength, etc.)
  • Spine protection

Product benefits

Optionally available is the autonomous, leg-mounted BCS 4 portable body cooling system. It integrates seamlessly with the Med-Eng EOD 9 bomb suit and Med-Eng SRS 5 protective suit and helmet ensemble, significantly reducing exposure to intense heat.

The EOD 9N IGP provides 360° blast and flame protection to the groin and buttock area without compromising comfort or leg movement.

Helmet-mounted omnidirectional microphones and a stereo amplifier system make it possible, Perceive ambient sounds and their origin.

NIJ certification for bomb suits

The EOD 9N was designed to NIJ Standard 0117.01 for bomb suits and even exceeds its requirements with additional user-oriented features (e.g., integrated cooling, tactical lighting options, etc.).

Splinter shield

The EOD 9N has been tested with splinter simulator projectiles of different sizes (according to NIJ0117.01) that best simulate the splinter size and shape of a bomb blast.

Compliance with ECM requirements

The suit and helmet have filters and shields in their electronic systems to prevent external radio frequency signals from causing possible interference.


To prevent electrostatic discharge between the bomb technician and the explosive device, the EOD 9N has a grounding strap attached to the foot guard.

Heat protection

The fire-retardant outer shell of the EOD 9N protects against heat radiation that may emanate from explosive objects during a transfer. This has been proven by numerous vertical flame tests.

Protection against detonation pressure

The EOD 9N keeps the risk of injury from the blast wave caused by an explosion as low as possible.


A wrist-mounted remote control module allows control of helmet functions such as search lights, battery status indicator, helmet ventilation or communication volume.

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg

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