IED hands-on TK (OTA-TK05) IED training kit for realistic and intensive defusing training

Product description

IED hands-on TK (OTA-TK05)

This IED training kit provides a realistic and safe way to train in the use of devices and components that forces are likely to encounter in hostile environments. Every single object in this kit is inert and therefore poses no danger to users. This enables intensive and risk-free training, during which the user can gain practical experience in handling IEDs without being exposed to real dangers. The individual items in this training kit have been carefully selected and offer a realistic reproduction of the various forms and functions of IEDs. In this way, mitigators can improve their skills and knowledge to respond effectively to this threat.


  • 1x Molotov Cocktail / Petrol Bomb, Type #3 (Wick, Throwable)
  • 3x Small Pipe Bombs:
    • Steel Pipe Bomb IED, Small (Visco Fuse)
    • Copper Tubing IED, Small (Visco Fuse)
    • Steel Pipe Tee Connector IED, Small (Visco Fuse)
  • 1x Pill Bottle Grenade IED
  • 1x Improvised Electric Blasting Caps Set:
    • Improvised Detonator / Blasting Cap (Ink Pen)
    • Improvised Detonator / Blasting Cap (Match Heads)
    • Improvised Detonator / Blasting Cap (Bullet Casing)
    • Improvised Detonator / Blasting Cap (Copper Tubing)
    • Improvised Detonator / Blasting Cap (Shotgun Shell)
  • 6x M80 Fireworks
  • 4x Quarter Stick Fireworks
  • 2x Broken / Opened Quarter Stick Fireworks
  • 1x Small Cake Firework
  • 1x Small Box of Broken / Opened Firework Tubes
  • 1x Visco Fuse, 10 ft coil
  • 1x Visco Fuse in Plastic Tubing, ~2 ft
  • 6x Model Rocket Igniters
  • 10x E-Matches
  • 10x Electric Detonators / Blasting Caps
  • 1x Shock Tube, 100 ft Coil (Red)
  • 5x 1 meter Shock Tube Assemblies (w/ Non-Electric Detonator)
  • 1x Plastic Container IED (Filled w/ Visco Fuse)
  • 3x Tovex Water-Gel Explosive
  • 4x Deluxe Yellow Dynamite Stick
  • 1x Broken/ Opened Deluxe Yellow Dynamite Stick
  • 1x Texpak Binary Liquid Explosive Set (Empty)
  • 1x Texpak Binary Liquid Explosive Set (Armed / Mixed)
  • 1x 25 kg Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Bag (Filled)
  • 1x 25 Kg Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer Bag, Prilled (Domestic, Filled)
  • 1x 25 kg Urea Bag (Domestic, Filled)
  • 1x 25 kg Potassium Carbonate Bag (Domestic, Filled)
  • 1x 25 kg Potassium Chlorate Bag (Filled)
  • 1x 25 kg Citric Acid Bag (Filled)
  • 1x Potassium Perchlorate, 3 lb. Sample Bag
  • 1x Potassium Chloride, 3 lb. Sample Bag
  • 1x Potassium Sulfate, Large Mason Jar
  • 1x Flash Powder, Large Mason Jar
  • 1x Fireworks Filler, Large Mason Jar
  • 1x Ammonium Nitrate, Large Mason Jar
  • 1x Urea Nitrate, Large Mason Jar
  • 1x ANFO, Large Mason Jar
  • 1x Can of Aluminum Powder
  • 1x Can of Black Powder
  • 1x Bag of Sugar
  • 1x KAM-3 Race Fuel Can (Empty)
  • 1x Nitro Methane Race Fuel Can (Empty)
  • 1x Diesel Fuel Can (Empty)
  • 1x Gasoline Can (Empty)
  • 1x 20 lb. Propane tank (Empty / Drilled)
  • 1x Small Propane Tank (Empty / Drilled)
  • 1x Small MAPP Gas Tank (Empty / Drilled)
  • 1x Large Pressure Cooker (Filled with ANAL)
  • 1x Improvised IED Firing Devices Set:
    • Cell Phone
    • Cordless Phone
    • Two-Way Radio
    • Digital timer
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  • 4x Small Metal Pipes & Caps
  • 5x Large Metal Pipes & Caps
  • 1x Medium Pipe with Caps
  • 2x Large PVC Pipes with Caps
  • 1x Small Pressure Cooker (Empty)
  • 1x Standard Backpack
  • 1x Alice Backpack
  • 1x 16 Gallon Metal Drum
  • 1x 55 Gallon Plastic Drum
  • 2x Dummy Cell Phones (w/ Wires)
  • 1x Big Ben Alarm Clock
  • 1x Mini Big Ben Alarm Clock
  • 2x Egg Timers
  • 1x Flashlight
  • 1x Tripwire Spool
  • 1x Box of Matches
  • 1x Roll of Duct Tape
  • 4x Rolls of Electrical Tape
  • 3x 500′ spools of wire
  • 1x 100′ Spool Speaker Wire
  • 1x Hand Tools
    • Soldering Gun + Solder
    • Pliers
    • Wire Cutters
  • 1x Assorted Electronic Components, 100 pcs (Switches, Resistors, etc.)
  • 1x Assorted Batteries and Battery Holders, 10 pcs
  • 1x Assorted Magnets, 8 pcs
  • 1x Assorted Shrapnel (Nails, BBs, etc.)
  • 1x Large Scale
  • 1x Plastic Syringe
  • 1x Small Measuring Cup
  • 1x M4 Rifle (Solid Replica)
  • 1x AK-47 Rifle (Solid Replica)
  • 1x M9 Pistol (Solid Replica)
  • 2x 6 ft. Plastic Folding Tables
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