Chemring RE 12g MINI Disruptor Lightweight, recoilless disruptor

Product description

Chemring RE 12g MINI Disruptor

The Chemring RE 12g Mini is a lightweight, recoilless disruptor that can be used with water charges and solid, fragmentation projectiles (max mass: 50 g). The Disruptor operates via an electrically initiated cartridge (.12 caliber) and features a barrel of the same caliber. In addition, it can be fired through electric or non-electric firing hoses and, thanks to its laser device, it allows high aiming accuracy. RE 12g Mini can be used together with a lightweight multipoint tripod or on a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) manipulator.

1.1 kg (disruptor) / 6 kg (with multipoint stand)

Product benefits

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria

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