Breach MC Lightweight multi-channel radio ignition system

Product description

Breach MC

The Breach MC (Multi-Circuit) Firing system is a securely encodable
Remote detonator (RF), which enables selective activation of several
receiver. With an operating range of over
1000 m in the direct field of view, this system is ideal for use in
suitable for military applications, including
Explosive Methods of Entry (EMOE)
and for remote-controlled disruptors in EOD/USBV scenarios.

Users of the Breach MC can set up to ten ignition groups,
which can contain any number of recipients. Each
receiver is assigned one of the ten circuit IDs and
set on the release device at the place of use. The user selects
then selects a circuit ID to identify all receivers.
which are set with this corresponding circuit ID.
are. However, it is also possible in “Trigger all” mode,
all receivers with a single transmitter, regardless of their
assigned circuit IDs at the same time.

The system coding is extremely secure and comprises several
Data validity checks and cyclical redundancy algorithms,
to prevent unintentional activation of the receiver.
The Breach MC is available with receivers for shock tubes in 2 and 3
mm diameter, as well as with receivers for electric detonators
available. It is possible to select the various recipients
with each other.

Transmitter without antenna/with batteries approx. 260 g / Receiver without antenna/with batteries approx. 410 g
Transmitter 85 mm / Receiver 112 mm
Transmitter 65 mm / Receiver 52 mm
Transmitter 23 mm / Receiver 50 mm
Protection class
>1000m (line of sight)


  • Unlimited number of recipients
  • 10 circuit IDs
  • Single, group or ALL fire modes
  • Firing circuit energy 1.3 joules
  • NSN (Nato Stock Number) available

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria

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