BOMBTEC HAL Tactical Hook and Line Set Specifically designed to meet the needs of Tactical, SWAT, IEDD, route clearance and other operations

Product description

BOMBTEC HAL Tactical Hook and Line Set

The BOMBTEC HAL Tactical Hook and Line Set is designed to meet the needs of Tactical, SWAT, IEDD, Route Clearance and other operations where the user requires small but highly specialized hook and line tools. This highly reliable system is based on a core set that can be expanded as required with a range of additional equipment packages. This makes this set modular, adaptable and remains as compact as possible.

The individual components are assembled in special modular equipment sets so that the user selects only the tools he needs in the field. The compact design and low-profile leg pocket provide excellent mobility and keep your hands free for other tasks. The leg pouch provides the ability to carry tactical tools in an easily accessible location. The bag is quick to attach/detach and includes MOLLE straps for attaching various tools. This kit forms the basis for individual, task-specific tactical hook and line sets. The tactical hook and line set consists of three modules: a high-strength main line module, a basic clamp and manipulation module, and an anchor module.

3,10 kg
19 cm
25 cm
12,5 cm

Each individual module of the tactical hook and line set is packaged in a durable, abrasion-resistant fabric bag with a double zipper closure, a mesh pocket on the inside lid and elastic loops on the inside bottom. As with the entire BombTec product line, each pouch is equipped with Velcro and two MOLLE straps with snaps, so they can be attached to the inside or outside of BombTec pouches, to MOLLE loops, or to Med-Eng bomb suits.


Tactical hook and line base set

  • 1x inside pocket
  • 1x mini rope pulling handle
  • 1x carabiner
  • 1x single hook
  • 1x spool (with 61 m with 2.3 mm Dyneema cord)
  • 1x handy bobbin holder


Basic terminal manipulation module

  • 2x locking carabiner
  • 1x roller carabiner
  • 10x cable tie
  • 1x self-opening roller block Mini
  • 1x Mini Rope Separator Ball/Splitter Ball
  • 1x clamping tongs
  • 1x inside pocket



Anchor module

  • 5x adhesive anchor
  • 2x ground anchor
  • 1x rope sling, 0.25 m
  • 2x rope sling, 0.5 m
  • 3x wooden anchor
  • 1x instruction manual
  • 1x inside pocket
  • 1x leg bag


Leg pocket

L x W x H 190 mm x 250 mm x 125 mm
Weight* 3,10 kg

*Weight of the basic tactical hook and line set including all modular equipment sets.

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg

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