BOMBTEC HAL standard set Comprehensive equipment set for EOD/IEDD tasks

Product description

BOMBTEC HAL standard set

The BOMBTEC HAL standard set is a comprehensive EOD/IEDD equipment set. It provides the ability to perform IEDD tasks in buildings, vehicles and premises. The BOMBTEC HAL standard set contains components for attaching lines to objects and anchoring pulleys to walls, floors, windows or door frames. The individual components are also suitable for vehicle penetration to assist in the removal of items found within.

33,36 kg
139.1 cm
41.9 cm
15,1 cm

Line direction changes by means of self-opening roller blocks enable the user to avoid obstacles or lift objects – and to do so from a safe distance. Each individual module that makes up the standard hook and line set is stowed in a durable, abrasion-resistant fabric bag with a double zipper closure, a mesh pocket on the inside lid and elastic loops on the inside bottom. As with the modular approach of the entire BombTec product line, each pouch features Velcro closure and two MOLLE straps with snaps to ensure the utmost flexibility. The modules can be attached to the inside or outside of the BombTec backpack, to the MOLLE loops on Med-Eng bomb suits, or to most other tactical gear.

The hook and line standard set is stowed in a sturdy hard case as standard. Inside, the case is equipped with Velcro® strips that allow each module to be attached to the case. Velcro straps along the top and bottom of the case back allow for the attachment of poles and other long items.

The main lines are each stowed in a rugged protective bag with a clear plastic viewing window so the operator can immediately see the color of the line without having to open the bag. It also has two exterior pockets. This bag can be used as
Carrying bag can be used to transport tools.

The case consists of:

  • 1x Main line module black
  • 1x main line module white
  • 1x Self-opening roller block 5 module
  • 2x hook module
  • 1x carabiner 5 module
  • 1x locking carabiner 5s module
  • 1x telescopic rod module
  • 1x base terminal module
  • 1x terminal module
  • 1x clamp scissors module black
  • 1x suction mounting module
  • 1x self-adhesive anchor module
  • 1x floor anchor module
  • 1x wall anchor module
  • 1x wooden anchor module
  • 1x door anchor module
  • 1x wedge module
  • 1x endless rope sling module
  • 1x rope sling module
  • 1x Expander module
  • 1x transport sled module
  • 1x harness sling module
  • 1x instruction manual
  • 1x inside pocket
  • 2x rope drum bags
  • 1x hard case

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg

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