BOMBTEC HAL Backpack Tactical EOD/IEDD Equipment Kit with Exceptional Portability

Product description


The BOMBTEC HAL Backpack is a tactical EOD/IEDD kit that combines maximum performance with exceptional portability. It is specifically designed for EOD/IEDD missions where rapid and straightforward equipment deployment is a critical success factor.

15,53 kg
56,5 cm
38.7 cm
22,9 cm


  • Special storage space, which can be equipped by the user according to his individual needs
  • High-strength, low-stretch Kevlar single line
  • Removable pockets
  • Over 90 hook and line set components

More information

The specially designed BombTec backpack provides users with configurable solutions for transporting equipment on short- and long-term missions. It features Molle attachment points on the outside and Velcro loops on the inside.

Each individual module of the hook and line set backpack is stored in a sturdy, abrasion-resistant fabric bag with a double zipper. As with the modular approach of the entire BombTec product line, each pouch features Velcro closure and two MOLLE straps with snaps for maximum flexibility.

The modules can be attached to the inside or outside of the backpack, to the MOLLE loops on Med-Eng bomb suits, or to most other tactical gear.

Hal backpack consists of:

  • 1x light line module
  • 1x Self-opening roller block 5 module
  • 2x hook module
  • 1x carabiner 5 module
  • 1x locking carabiner 5s module
  • 1x extension module
  • 1x base terminal module
  • 1x terminal module
  • 1x clamp scissors module
  • 1x suction mounting module
  • 1x adhesive anchor module
  • 1x wall anchor module
  • 1x column anchor module
  • 1x wooden anchor module
  • 1x wedge module
  • 1x endless rope sling module
  • 1x rope sling module
  • 1x Expander module
  • 1x harness sling module
  • 1x backpack

This product is available from ELP GmbH in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg

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